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Orthopaedic Tumours

Bone, muscle, nerve, cartilage

The following is intended as a general guide for those who have been newly diagnosed with an “orthopaedic tumour”. It does not substitute for a direct discussion with your oncologist or surgeon, and may not apply to your specific situation.

Broadly speaking, Orthopaedic Oncology covers primary tumours of bone, cartilage and muscle arising in the limbs, pelvis and spine. We also treat metastatic tumours from other tissues or organs (eg breast or renal cancer), that lodge in these same areas; and some other types of tumours, such as lipomas or desmoids, that aren’t so easily classified.

While the surgical principles of treatment are usually the same across different areas of the body, there are some areas where we would defer to, and work with, those with more location-specific knowledge eg a subspecialty spine surgeon or colorectal surgeon for some pelvic tumours.

For malignant tumours, the treatment will commonly involve chemotherapy, radiation therapy or both, and here the surgeon becomes part of a team with the respective oncologists. For particularly complex reconstructive situations, the help of a Plastic Surgeon is often invaluable.

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