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Orthopaedic Trauma

Dr Shooter is also highly trained in the management of trauma, both upper and lower limb. Areas of interest include:


Foot / Ankle

fractures, including compound and Lisfranc injuries; tendon and nail bed injuries

Leg / Tibia

Intra-articular (involving the joint) fractures of the ankle and knee; tibialshaft fractures; reconstruction for nonunions and malunions; chronic bone infections; tendon injuries, including the patellar/quads tendon

Thigh / Femur

Femoral shaft and hip fractures; reconstruction and management of bone infections


Fractures of digits and hand; nail bed injuries; tendon, artery and nerve lacerations.

NB Dr Shooter does not perform re-implantation of severed digits; if necessary the practice can direct you to an appropriate specialist, but you would be best served by immediate presentation to either the PAH or RBWH


Fractures, tendon, artery and nerve lacerations

Upper arm

Fractures of the humeral shaft; traumatic lacerations of tendon, nerve and artery


Dr Shooter does not perform shoulder or spine surgery, either elective or traumatic, but the practice can direct you to an appropriate specialist