Unique to Dr Shooter’s hip arthroplasty practice is the use of patient specific instrumentation and prosthesis for total hip replacements (THR).  Preoperatively, each patient is analysed based on range of movements and instrumentation is specifically selected and implanted to provide optimal patient outcomes based on individual patient anatomy.

Dr Shooter is one of the few orthopaedic surgeons in Queensland now using patient specific instrumentation which can allow for direct measurement of pre and intra operative leg length.  In general, this can lead to lower dislocation rates, less wear and due to potential better anatomic position can result in better and quicker functional recovery.

‘In most instances rehabilitation for patients can commence earlier and patients are able to drive and start hydrotherapy at 3 weeks rather than 6 weeks’.

Dr Shooter’s practice philosophy is to ensure that patients’ goals are paramount, and to match the most advanced available techniques and implants, with each patient’s individual needs.  Dr Shooter believes that technology is the means to an end, not the end itself and that every patient is different.

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