• What is an Arthroplasty?

    Arthroplasty is the medical term used for joint replacement. Dr Shooter has extensive experience and knowledge in Arthroplasty and now primarily focuses on this area of orthopaedics. His Arthroplasty practice includes both hip and knee joint replacements.

    Hip and knee joint replacement is a common surgical procedure preformed in patients aged from 60 years old in Australia. It is estimated that over 800,000 patients have a joint replacement in Australia and every year over 90,000 patient undergo an arthroplasty.

  • Why have an Arthroplasty?

    Pain caused from an injury or arthritis can affect patient’s lifestyle and impact everyday life. In some cases, the only option for many patients is to have a joint replacement known as a Arthroplasty. Injury or arthritis are the main reasons patients will need a joint replacement due to damage and change with the articular cartilage at the end of the bones.

    Over time the cartilage that cushions the joint will wear down and the bones can rub on each other causing significant pain. Arthroplasty is a surgical procedure that involves replacing the damaged joint with an artificial one (prosthesis). Prosthesis types can range from plastic, metal or ceramic instrumentation and Dr Shooter will discuss the details of each surgery during patient consultations.

  • Innovative Technology for Arthroplasty

    Hip and knee prosthesis available in Australia must all have approval by the government authority, the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). There are so many types and brands of prosthesis available to surgeons to use for hip and knee arthroplasty and it is the specialists choice on which type is best for each patient.

    The Australian Orthopaedic Assocation (AOA) record a National Joint Replacement Registry and the purpose of the registry is to benefit patients. The registry objective is to improve patient joint replacement outcomes. Some of the analysis of the report is based on the type of prosthesis, surgical experience and joint replacement revision. Each year, the AOANJRR report and publish prostheses with higher than anticipated rates of revision. Patient however should be reassured that revision of hip and knee replacement has decline since the introduction of the registry. It is important however that patients become better informed of the information available to them. Patients need to ask questions and understand their choices and options when consulting with a specialist.

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    Click here to access the: National Joint Replacement Registry.

Dr Shooter’s practice philosophy:

Dr Shooter focus is to ensure that patients goals are paramount, and to match the most advanced available techniques and implants (prosthesis), with each patients individual needs. Unique to Dr Shooter’s hip arthroplasty practice is the use of patient specific instrumentation and prosthesis for total hip replacements (THR).

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